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Wedge Inserting Machine

Wedge Inserting Machine is the yet another form of engineering from the house of K. D. Dowls & Keys. As the name suggests, our Automatic Wedge Inserting Machine is solely meant for automatic performance that can provide you swift insertion and prompt job change. Its unique qualities and features make us one of the choicest Wedge Insertion Machine Suppliers in the market.

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Wedge Inserting Machine (Bottom)

Item Code: KDDK152CNC
Apart from the wedge inserting machine (Top), we also offer wedge inserting machine (Bottom). These are available in customized as well as standard designs, our machines offers faster insertion and faster jog change. All its operations are automatic and its sturdy structure ensures


Wedge Inserting Machine (Top)

Item Code: KDDK151CNC
Our ranges of wedge inserting machines are widely used in various industries for its excellent features that make them the most sought after product in its segment. Also available in customized designs, some of the highlighting features of the machine are :