K. D. Dowls & Keys


Wedge Inserting Machine (Top)

Item Code: KDDK151CNC
Our ranges of wedge inserting machines are widely used in various industries for its excellent features that make them the most sought after product in its segment. Also available in customized designs, some of the highlighting features of the machine are :


Model Number KDDK-151CNC
Brand Name KDDK
Stator O.d MAX. 120~160MM
Stator Height 10~40MM
Number Of Slots 8-18 POLES
Operation Method AC MOTOR
Motor 3 PHASE, 1/2HP
Dimension 1000(L)X600(W)X900(H)mm
Weight 300kgs

Technique Data

Stator thickness 10-55mm (customize to special specification.)
Stator slots 8~36 slots
Stator diameter 70~160mm (customize to special specification.)
Insulating slice thick 0.15~0.8mm
Insulating slice width width:8~45 mm
Power supply 220V 50HZ/60HZ 5%/440V
Power 1/2HP AC motor 1 converter
Efficiency 12 slots7 sec/pcs about500 pcs/h
Dimension 760x410x900mm
Weight 300kg