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Paper Inserting Machine (Bottom)

Paper Inserting Machine (Bottom)

Item Code: KDDK152CNC
The flexible paper inserting machines offered by performs the tiresome job of folding and inserting documents be it single or multiple into an envelope in an automatic manner. This machine enables collating, folding and inserting of the document into an envelope in a single go. Moreover all these tasks are performed in a clean and proficient manner by the folder inserting machine. . Single central machines have the flexibility to perform various jobs in a office department.

Technical Specifications

Max. speed 0~1,200 turns/min
Power source 220V 1/2HP AC 50HZ/60HZ 5%/440V
Main shaft motor AC1/2 three-phase motor 1HP transducer
Machine dimensions 710 x 410 x 750mm
Net weight 180kg
Gross weight 220kg